A Deeper Shade of Green, UHG Arts Corridor


LUGHNASA and SAMHAIN, 15th March 2021 – 18th April 2021 (UHG, 8.00am – 8.30pm daily subject to hospital restrictions)

Supported by
  • Galway 2020
  • Saolta Arts
  • Saolta University Health Care Group
  • Healthy Ireland

My heart sank coming into the unit today, leaving the beautiful summer sunshine behind. Yet the changes to our waiting area are welcome. I remember when the walls were a dull, dirty green. I suppose all the hospitals were painted the same. It was so depressing. Every little improvement to our environment makes the experience a little easier.

– Patient, Merlin Park University Hospital

Saolta Arts and Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture presents A Deeper Shade of Green as part of The Deepest Shade of Green.

In Notes on Healing, Florence Nightingale wrote that the greatest challenge for the fevered patient was not being able to see out of a window. The importance of integrating nature in the design and planning of our healthcare buildings and of listening to and learning from those who use them is explored in A Deeper Shade of Green, an exhibition at University Hospital Galway. Presenting global and Irish examples alongside patient and staff testimonies, the exhibition takes its title from a publication by patients of Merlin Park University Hospital. Built for the open-air treatment of tuberculosis, as the isolated units of the former sanatorium were once again repurposed in preparation for a pandemic, and as its grounds await a new elective hospital, the exhibition highlights how nature, design, and clinical standards can coexist to enhance the hospital experience for everyone.


Images: Lily Pond corridor, MPUH, Wild Garlic Woodland image by Noel Barbour.
Image credit: Marielle MacLeman